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Membership information

  • Jul 03 / 2019

Membership information

Discover Sailing Day - Nov 2014

The objective of the club is to encourage small boat sailing and fishing. The club places emphasis on family membership and provides a friendly atmosphere for sailing, fishing and social activities.

The club offers three main general categories of membership – Sailing, Ordinary and Social.

Within these three general categories there are memberships for seniors, families, juniors and students. Full time students between 18 to 25 can also be part of a family membership. Anyone who owns a sailing boat or participates in sailing activities must be a Sailing member. Ordinary members generally own fishing boats, may participate in fishing activities, or may volunteer on rescue boats on race days. Social members do not participate in any ‘on water’ regular activities.

At present many Off The Beach boats and Trailable Yachts are sailed at the club. Limited boat storage is available for Off The Beach boats and preference is given to boats which are raced regularly.

A twin concrete ramp is available at the Club for launching of trailer yachts and power boats. Other facilities for boats include limited mooring facilities, a slipway for short-term repairs, use of dinghies and long jetties for rigging.

All boats, fishing and sailing, using Club facilities must be registered with the Club and are subject to seaworthiness inspection at any time. The maximum length of boat permitted in the club is 18 feet (5.5 metres).

Members are expected to participate in the running and maintenance of the Club according to their ability, so as to maintain fees at a moderate level.

Applications for membership should be made on the attached form and forwarded to the Secretary with the $100 nomination fee where applicable: The Secretary, PO Box 50, Williamstown VIC

Applicants need to be proposed and seconded by club members with at least 12 months membership, otherwise two written character references need to accompany the application.

Membership is subject to your attendance at an induction meeting at a time and date to be advised. These meetings are held as required. Your proposer and/or seconder are required to attend to speak on your behalf. In the case of a junior applicant a parent is also required to attend.

The first year’s annual fees are payable at this meeting when the facilities of the club will be explained and discussed.

For more information, please refer to the New member information document which can be downloaded at the link below:

To apply for a new membership please fill in the New Member Application form:



Membership fees

  • Senior Member: $200 (ordinary), $325 (sailing), $125 (social)
  • Family Membership: $400 (ordinary), $650 (sailing), $250 (social)
  • Junior Member: $105 (ordinary), $155 (sailing)
  • Full time student Member (18-25):$105 (ordinary), $155 (sailing)
  • Pensioner: (existing only) $100
  • Membership Nomination fee: $100

Other fees

  • Boat registration:  $125 (OTB, T/Y), $85 (Junior), $155 (Ramp)
  • Boat storage: $125 (OTB, Junior)
  • Locker: $55
  • Kayak storage & registration: $80
  • Leased Club Boats: $30 (casual daily), $250 (season)
  • Mooring maintenance: cost + 20%



This year we continue to manage our membership renewals via RevSPORT Membership Management System, where we ask our members to self-renew via an online system. We have undertaken this change to try to reduce the administrative burden on our volunteer staff and to make it easier for us to communicate with our members.

Please refer to our step-by-step Online Renewal Guide. We understand that some members may not be familiar with online portals so if you have any issues please come to the club on a Saturday morning so we can assist you.