Entering as a competitor

Registering your boat and using it at the Club

Each skipper who intends to enter a boat into any Club series or event or to use their boat in Club training activities needs to lodge with the Club both Safety Declaration and a valid Insurance Certificate for the boat. They also need to provide the names of the boat owner and the regular crew member. If the boat is not being used in any Club series or event nor being used in Club training activities, then the owner needs to lodge only a Safety Declaration and does not need to provide an insurance certificate.

Safety Declaration forms can be downloaded below:

Once download, the Safety Declaration needs to be completed and lodged with the Club, instructions for doing this can be found here:

Lodging Safety Declarations and Insurance Certificates


  • Once you have lodged the above forms, the Club will then automatically enter you into the ClubOps system and you will be able to sign on for sailing events at the Club via the sign-on tablet. 
  • Note that it is the boat's skipper's responsibility to lodge these documents. If the boat has more than one skipper in the season, then EACH SKIPPER must lodge these documents in order to ensure that each skipper understands their obligations regarding the boat.
  • If the boat is being used solely for social sailing, then the boat owner may lodge the above documents as there will then be no registration with ClubOps.


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