Tackers Courses

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Our Tackers courses are about having a great time with other kids, playing loads of games, and going on adventures while learning how to sail together. All Tackers courses run during school holidays and make an excellent holiday activity.

The children sail in small indestructible boats called Ozi-Optis. Each course is designed to incrementally introduce young children to the different aspects of sailing in a fun and supportive environment.

Tackers 1: Having Fun!

Tackers 1 is all about building confidence on the water for those just starting out. The kids sail in pairs, in small boats and learn the basics of sailing through fun games on and off the water. It’s a great way to meet new friends and sail in a group.

Tackers 2: Tips & Tricks

Tackers 2 aims to build on the fun discovered in Tackers 1 and to progress the children’s sailing skills. Children learn to sail single handed in the Ozi-Optis.

Course Inclusions

  • Minimum 20 hours tuition
  • Course materials, boats and life jackets are provided
  • Our Tackers courses are taught by qualified Australian Sailing instructors and Williamstown Sailing Club is an accredited Australian Sailing Discover Sailing Centre


  • These courses are best suited to children aged 7-12
  • No sailing experience necessary for Tackers 1
  • Completion of Tackers 1 is recommended for Tackers 2


Juniors (7 - 12 years)                      $280 + $17.50 Australian Sailing booking fee

WSC Sailing Members                    $255 + $17.50 Australian Sailing booking fee

(prior to June 2021)

Note a payment fee of 2% + $1.60 applies to all online card transactions

Email: tackers@williamstownsailingclub.org.au

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