Notice of General Meeting to Set Club Fees for 2023-24

Published Thu 27 Apr 2023

The Committee of Management hereby has given notice that the General Meeting to decide the Club’s Fees and subscriptions for 2023-24 (under Rule 19.2 (b)) will take place at the Club rooms at 4.00 pm on Saturday 27th May. You are invited to attend and vote on the proposed annual fees for 2023 - 24.  
All annual and regular fees and subscriptions (including the nomination fee and the annual subscription for each class of Member, and any sundry fees) will be decided by the majority of Members (as referred to in Rule 5.2(a)) present and entitled to vote at the General Meeting held in May each year.
Many Thanks

The Committee of Management
Williamstown Sailing Club


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Proposed Member Fees 2023-24

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