Revised Call for nominations - CoM 2024-25

Published Wed 03 Jul 2024

Nominations are now open for the CoM for the 2024-25 sailing season.

Join the Committee of Management (CoM) to help shape the Club’s future. The CoM is critical for the ongoing future of the Club. It is responsible for managing the Club’s day-to-day operations including its finances, resources, facilities, sailing and fishing activities, events, marketing, membership engagement and for ensuring it complies with its governance requirements as a registered association. I shall renominate as Commodore, unless someone wishes to nominate, but we certainly need a Vice Commodore, Secretary, so we need assistance in this critical area.

Nominations are sought for the following positions on the Committee:

• Commodore

• Vice Commodore

• Rear Commodore

• Secretary

• Treasurer

• Captain

• Five Ordinary Members

Term of office

Each member of the CoM will hold office from the conclusion of the 2024 AGM until the conclusion of the 2025 AGM.

How to nominate

Complete the nomination form that can be found below or at the WSC office and return to the Secretary of the Club by 5pm on Saturday 7th July.

How is the CoM elected?

At the Club’s Annual General Meeting which will be on Sunday 28 July 2024. If only one nomination is received for a Flag Officer position that person will be deemed elected at the AGM. If only five nominations are received for Ordinary Members, then they will be deemed elected at the AGM. If more than one nomination is received for a Flag Officer position or more than five nominations are received for Ordinary Members then a ballot will be held at the AGM.

How often does the CoM meet?

The CoM currently meets on the second Monday of each month at 7.00pm or at the Club, or as arranged at the time.

What are the duties of the CoM and Flag Officers?

Refer to the Club Rules.


If you are interested in nominating or require further information please contact Maree FitzPatrick at:

Files for download
WSC 2024-25 CoM nomination form

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