Secretary duties


  • Ensure that accurate minutes of the resolutions and proceedings of each General Meeting of the Members; and each Committee meeting or each meeting of such other body having the management of the Club, are prepared and retained, together with a record of the names of persons present at Committee meetings;
  • Keep a register of Members in accordance with these Rules and the Act;
  • Keep a register of boats listing all boats and yachts accepted into the Club, including the class, name, registration number, overall length and boat owner’s name;
  • Notify the Committee and the Members of the nominations for new Members in accordance with these Rules;
  • Notify candidates for Membership of the date of the Committee meeting at which the candidate must make themselves available for interview under rule 6.2(a);
  • Send out notices to Members requesting payment of annual fees and subscriptions and other fees and charges;
  • Issue keys and update electronic access privileges for club entry;
  • Receive correspondence and minutes and reports from sub-committees on behalf of the Committee or the Club;
  • Supply all Members with up-to-date copies of these Rules upon request;
  • Prepare and dispatch outward correspondence if required;
  • Notify Members of dates and business of General Meetings in accordance with these Rules; and (l) file all documentation related to the business of the Club.

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