Sailing Committee Duties

The following table lists the duties of the Sailing Committee.

General responsibilities

  • Organise Club sail racing
  • Coordinate interclub competitions
  • Organise and administer Adult Learn to Sail courses
  • Organise and administer Juniors and Tackers programs
  • Allocate boat and kayak storage
  • Organise race rescue services for club racing
  • Coordinate training for instructors and rescue crew.


Season Planning

  • Publish list of sailing committee members.
  • Develop a sail racing program and publish it on the Club website
  • Update Annual Handbook with sailing program and any other relevant info regards sailing instructions, awards and prizes etc,
  • Allocate end-of-season awards
  • Organise end-of-season presentation ceremony

Duty Rosters

  • Organise rosters for OOD, Duty Crew & Boat crew
  • Load rosters on to website and distribute to club members
  • Allocate boat and kayak storage


  • Manage race and safety registrations and pass info to race recorders.
  • Supervise the operations of Saturday sail racing.  Representative to attend the Race Committee meeting on race days to provide guidance and support to the OOD if required and resolve issues that may arise with regard to rosters and equipment.
  • Each week provide all necessary documents for each race of the day for the OOD: OOD Checklist; Race Control Sheet; Finish Times Sheet; Rounding Times Sheet Additional Participant Information; copy of rosters.
  • Organise for the transmission of race results and other documentation to the Club Scorer.

Safety and Audits

  • Manage audit visit from YA for our YATC.
  • Liaise with rescue boat drivers on training and safety issues.
  • Ensure the suitable condition of all club sailing boats for rental and training purposes throughout the sailing season


Learn to Sail Program

Junior Sailing Program

Tacker’s Program

  • Supervise and manage the Learn to Sail, Junior and Tackers programs
  • Set program fees and obtain COM approval
  • Write information documents for handout and uploading on to website
  • Enter programs on the YV training website
  • Handle bookings; collect money & enrolment forms
  • Liaise with participants regards programs
  • Confirm attendance; prepare attendance records
  • Arrange enrolment forms and enrol participants through YV training
  • Order logbooks and training textbooks from YV
  • Ensure documentation meets the requirements for YA
  • Ensure sufficient volunteers for running Club programs



  • Promote any special activities: training nights; special race events etc.


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