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The Sailing and Fishing Club

We invite you to be a member of our Club and community. The objective of the Club is to encourage small boat sailing and fishing using vessels no longer than 5.5m (18 feet) in length. The Club places emphasis on family-friendly membership and provides a welcoming atmosphere for sailing, fishing, kayaking and social activities.

There are three general categories of membership:

  • Sailing – Off the Beach and Trailable sailing and kayaking. 

  • Ordinary – recreational boating and fishing and kayaking.

  • Social – for those over the age of 18 years that just want to enjoy the Club house facilities and social life, but do not participate in boating activities. A social Member is not entitled to vote at meetings of Members and is not eligible for election as a Committee Member.

Within these general categories there are memberships for:

  • Adults (Senior) – Adults over 18 years. 

  • Families – Family Membership is available to a family unit that includes at least one adult person and at least one person under the age of 18. Full time students aged between 18 to 25 can also be part of a family membership.

  • Juniors – up to 18 years of age.

  • Students – Full time Students between 18 and 25 years.

Anyone who owns a sailing boat or participates in sailing activities must be a Sailing member. Ordinary members generally own fishing boats, may participate in fishing activities, or may volunteer on rescue boats on race days. Social members are parents of Juniors or for anyone who wish to utilise the Clubs facilities and social life but have no interest in any ‘on water’ regular activities.

All boats, fishing and sailing, using Club facilities must be registered with the Club and are subject to seaworthiness inspection at any time.

The Club has a OTB Boat rigging deck and two Jetties so you can step onto your boat and go.

Limited boat storage is available for Off The Beach boats, Minnows and Kayaks. Priorities are based on participation in Club activities and can be applied for when you join.

A concrete boat ramp is available at the Club for member’s launching of trailered yachts and recreational boats.

Members who secure a leased mooring in the waters in front of the Club from Parks Victoria, have access to Club row boats to get to and from their mooring. As a Parks Victoria Authorised Mooring Contractor, the Club offers a discounted mooring inspection and maintenance service. A slipway is also available for booking for short-term repairs.

Members participate in the running and maintenance of the Club according to their available time and ability, which ensures fees are kept at a moderate level. Opportunities exist to be professionally trained if you would like to participate in Club sail training or race rescue and management.

Membership Applications

Applications for membership can be made online accompanied with the non-refundable Nomination fee .

If you have any questions contact the Membership Officer at

Applicants need to be Proposed and Seconded by Club Members with at least 12 months membership, otherwise two written character references need to accompany the application. The character reference(s) need to attest to your good character, and would be expected to come from an Employer, official of an other Club, School/University teacher, professional organisation, Police representative, Bank Manager or local government Member.

Membership begins when you attend a new member Induction session and pay all fees due, once you have been approved to join the Club. Your proposer and/or seconder are required to attend to speak on your behalf. In the case of a junior applicant a parent is also required to attend.

Never Sailed Before?

If you have never sailed before,  apply for a new membership please Select the link below and select NEW MEMBER option at the bottom of the page, then complete the application, including all your details.

Member of another Club or have completed an Australian Sailing Course, event  or Sail Pass?

If you have completed an Australian Sailing course or have been a member at another Club, apply for a new membership please Select the link below and select RETURNING MEMBER option at the bottom of the page, then fill in your details, including Australian Sailing Number,  and Select FULL MEMBERSHIP, Then Select NEW MEMBER PENDING Membership Level.

WSC New Member Application

On receipt of the application into our system with payment, we will contact you and provide a Club specific application to confirm your membership levels, options and nominations/references.

Alternative Paper Application:

If you prefer the option of downloading and completing our paper application form and sending it or dropping it into the Office, please download the WSC New member Application Form below. If you wish to join up the Family then also please download the Family Application Supplement form below.

Williamstown Sailing Club Fees (Valid from 1 July 2023)

Membership Type




Senior (over 18 yrs.)








Junior (up to 18yrs.)




Full Time Student (18-25 yrs.)




Pensioner (existing only)


Nomination Fee


Add-on Fees

Add-On Fee Type

Junior Boat

OTB, Trailable, Moored Boat

Ramp Boat

Boat Registration




Boat Storage






Kayak Storage & Registration


Club Pacer Hire (per Boat)

Club James Pearl (other than organised training)

$30 (Casual Daily)

$350 (Season)

Mooring Maintenance

$101 Long Moorings / $89 Short Moorings

*Mooring Maintenance Surcharge $60

(*only applicable for poorly maintained top rope)

Bi-Lock Key Deposit

$50 (refundable on return of the key)

Optional Salto Access Fob

$20 (replaces existing Access Card)


Online Membership Renewal

Every July membership renewals occur. We manage our membership renewals via RevSPORT Membership Management System, where we ask our members to self-renew via an online system.  All you need to know is your Australian Sailing Number, Date of Birth and name. Then you select which Membership category and Add-ons you would like, once selected a invoice is generated and you can either pay online (fees apply) or do an EFT from your bank account. We also accept EFTPOS and Cash at the Club, on a Saturday morning.

Please refer to our step-by-step WSC Online Renewal Guide below.

We understand that some members may not be familiar with online portals so if you have any issues please come to the club on a Saturday morning so we can assist you or contact Brian at

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