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WSC Commodore Message 4 Aug 2020

  • Aug 08 / 2020
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WSC Commodore Message 4 Aug 2020

4 Aug 2020 – Update regarding COVID Stage 4 Restrictions

Dear Members,

With Victoria entering a State of Disaster from 6pm on Sunday 2nd August, I wish to notify you of the advice from Australian Sailing and Better Boating Victoria as it applies to our Club, and advise the following:

The Clubhouse, Upper Deck and BBQ area – CLOSED. Only authorised CoM members and contractors are permitted.

The Premier’s announced changes to Melbourne’s restrictions as well as changes to regional restrictions, will be for at least the next six weeks i.e. until Sunday 13 September.

The Clubhouse must remain closed until further notice – this means no access to the Clubhouse via the front door, slipway side door or past the boat storage sliding door.

There have been reports of members entering the Clubhouse without permission from the Committee. If any member is found to have entered the Clubhouse during this period, they will be subject to the Club’s disciplinary procedures as outlined in the Club’s Rules, which may include expulsion from the Club.

Face Masks – Compulsory.

Recreational boating, fishing, kayaking or individual sailing – NOT ALLOWED. Any form of individual recreational boating, fishing, kayaking or sailing is not allowed.

Boat ramps and Jetties – CLOSED. Boat ramps and jetties across metropolitan Melbourne are closed to all forms of recreational boating and fishing.

Moorings – If you have a boat on a mooring, we will not stop you checking the safety of your boat and mooring if it is part of your daily exercise and living within 5km of the Club. Please note that access is only via the boat ramp gate.

If you are a Member who has a moored boat and live more than 5km from the Club and you have a concern about your boat (e.g. after a severe storm) the Rear Commodore is willing to check your mooring. Contact Rear Commodore.

If you have concerns with a mooring, or vessel attached to a mooring, and believe they are an imminent safety risk to our local ports, please inform Parks Victoria as soon as possible and Parks Victoria will work to rectify the safety risks.


Should you have any concerns or questions please contact me at Commodore

Thank you for your continued understanding and cooperation during this pandemic, and please stay safe and well.

Warm regards

Brian Fentiman, Commodore





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