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  • Dec 03 / 2014



There are several websites showing a current picture or video of the Port Phillip Bay weather conditions.

Webcams of the Port of Melbourne

The Port of Melbourne has installed several web cameras located around the Port of Melbourne. One of the cameras is located at the Williamstown Sailing Club. You can control and view the camera from the links below. Select Webb Dock West to view the camera looking over the moored club boats and jetty:

The port of Melbourne Corporation provides several webcams with views of the Yarra River and the Heads. These are important for shipping but can also be useful for sailors going up the Yarra River or out onto the ocean: other Port of Melbourne Webcams.

Webcams showing Port Phillip Bay

Royal Yacht Club of Victoria


The Royal Yacht Club of Victoria is located only minutes away from the Williamstown Sailing Club. Their webcams show the general conditions at Williamstown.

Webcams of Australian coastal areas

A good website for webcams showing Australian coastal areas is www.coastalwatch.com