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Off The Beach (OTB) boats

  • Dec 03 / 2014

Off The Beach (OTB) boats

Pacer boat

Classes sailed

In an ‘Off the Beach’ (OTB) boat you are sailing in one of its purest forms – being close to the water and having to react to every change in the wind. The principles you learn in sailing dinghies can be translated to any size boat. When you look at many skippers and crews of the larger yachts who compete at professional level, or in major competitions, often they have learnt to sail in small yachts.

WSC has an active fleet of OTBs that regularly race against each other on Saturday afternoons. Among our members there are a number of state and national champions in various classes, and several have competed in international competitions. That is not to say, that the beginners and intermediate level sailors are left behind. Within the club there is a great sense of support, coaching and advice provided by the experienced to the not so experienced.

A wide variety of single handed (solo) and double handed (skipper and crew) OTB classes sail at the club. Our racing fleet includes Pacers, Sabres, Impulses, Lasers, Mirrors, 505, 29ers and Kitty Cats. There is a great competitive spirit within our OTB sailors, with often some very close race results. At the same time, there is a very supportive environment to those new to the sport.

Leasing club Pacers

To help new members get into racing the club owns seven Pacers that we encourage new club members to use. Priority for boat use and rental is for new members and graduates from the Learn to Sail program. Read more about leasing club Pacers.