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New Committee of Management

  • Jul 09 / 2020
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New Committee of Management

Committee of Management for the 2020-21 season

Following the close of nominations on 20th June, The Secretary is pleased to report that a new Committee of Management has been nominated unopposed for the 2020-21 season. They will take up their positions after the 2019-20 AGM, which will be held at date to be set following clarity on the current COVID restrictions.

Flag officers:
Commodore – Brian Fentiman
Vice Commodore – Michael Lawrence
Rear Commodore – vacant
Secretary – Jim Rees
Captain – Jason Whyte
Treasurer – Olivier Davies

Ordinary CoM Members:
Tony Marsh
Andrew Graham
Grace Becker-Scott
Peter Endler
David Taylor

We are interested in anyone who may be interested in taking on the role of Rear Commodore, though we wish to acknowledge and Thank Michael Virant has done a fantastic job as acting Rear Commodore and it is hoped that he may consider this role at the AGM.

If you are interested please Contact Jim Rees at:

The Commodore wishes to thank the current Committee in agreeing to continue its good work through to the AGM and for those staying on to continue the work into next year. Many Thanks to Peter Yeates who made a valuable contribution this year and hope that he may consider re-joining the CoM in the coming years.


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