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Leasing club Pacers

  • Oct 08 / 2017

Leasing club Pacers

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To help new members get into racing the club owns seven Pacers that we encourage new club members to use. Priority for boat use and rental is for new members and graduates from the Learn to Sail program.

During the Sailing season we are happy for club members to use these boats in the clearway area on Saturday mornings till midday, to help build up your skills and confidence. This is only if the Club Pacers are not being used by a Learn to Sail program. There is no charge for this use of boats, but you are expected to rig and de-rig boats and put them away if they are not going to be used in the afternoon races. On Saturday mornings, the rescue boats will be at the jetty in case of an emergency. Permission to use boats is the responsibility of the Officer of the Day (or their delegate).

Life jackets must be worn when using Club pacers – you can use the Club jackets but members are expected to purchase their own life jackets after their first season at the club.

Club Pacers can be rented for going in the races on Saturday afternoons. The ad hoc rental of Pacers for Saturday racing is $30 a day. Before this can happen, the Officer of the Day (or their delegate) has to be satisfied that you can competently handle the Pacer in race and weather conditions. You will need to fill in some appropriate documentation with personal details and pay the fee. If conditions are not suitable, the Officer of the Day has the final say as to whether individual club boats can participate in a race.

You can apply to lease a boat for the whole racing season for $350. If you lease a boat for the season, you may only sail it on scheduled race days. You also become eligible to have your scores recorded in our Top Yacht results. Applications for seasonal rental are available from the office, or download the rental agreement:

Club owned Pacer boats