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Learn to sail programs

  • Feb 28 / 2017

Learn to sail programs

TACKERS sail training

Our club has been running learn to sail programs for over 25 years. We have a strong reputation as a provider of comprehensive and practical programs for learning to sail small boats.

Learning to sail is a fun activity, no matter what your age. We have had many parents and their children do the program, couples, singles, and all ages from 12 to 65 have undertaken our programs.

We run friendly, supportive and practical programs to help you build your skills and knowledge to be able to sail a small boat. Many graduates of our learn to sail programs join the club after the course, and may continue their sailing on a social level, or also have the opportunity to get involved in club racing.

Williamstown Sailing Club is a registered Discover Sailing Centre, which means we follow the guidelines and programs set by Yachting Australia Inc. The club is a registered TACKERS Training Centre. We have a number of qualified instructors, who have a great ability to help participants enjoy themselves as they build their skills, knowledge and confidence.

Williamstown Sailing Club offers two different learn to sail programs: