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Jack Moloney – Life Member

  • Aug 08 / 2014
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Jack Moloney – Life Member

It was with great pleasure that on behalf of the Committee of Management at our Annual General Meeting on the 27 July that I appointed Jack Moloney as a Life Member of the Williamstown Sailing Club.

Jack’s involvement at the club spans approximately 30 years, having first become involved through doing our Learn to Sail program with his adult daughter back in the mid 1990s. After a first season sailing in a Mirror with his daughter, Jack quickly progressed to crewing on trailables, which he continued to do over the next 25+ years. Apart from sailing in the Saturday competitions, Jack was a regular participant at various regattas and competitions around the state. Over the years he crewed for many seasons with Andrew Burbidge on Swallow as well as sailing with Russell Bates and many other trailable sailors across a variety of boats.

Apart from his sailing activities, Jack has worked tirelessly at working bees for all those 30 years. He has been one of our highly competent in-house ‘consultant engineers’, fixing everything from tractors and machinery, to also being an integral member of the team with Darryl Janes and Jim Saunders on developing the opening ‘drawbridge’. He is still the go-to man about the difficult mechanical and engineering questions, and can still be seen tinkering around things that may be broken or not running smoothly at the Club.

When Jack decided to stop competitive racing he still came to the club on race days and was a regular driver and crew on the Jack Cox assisting the starting team for a number of years.  Jack has also been a wonderful mentor and friend to many members across the club of all ages, sharing his knowledge and personable manner with all. So congratulations to Jack, we are so appreciative and indebted to you for your long and faithful service to the club, and we expect to continue to see you around the club on working bees and sailing days – but you are allowed to take a less physical role these days and in particular keep a safety eye on us from the tower.

Lois Hunt | Commodore

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