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Fishing information

  • Apr 02 / 2018

Fishing information


There is a long tradition of fishing activities with the Williamstown Sailing Club first introducing dedicated fishing members around the Great Depression years of the early 1930s. Of recent times, we have been able to increase our number of fishing members by increasing the Ramp Access numbers for power boats users. We currently have about 20 members who participate in both fishing and sailing activities, and we also have approximately 80 members who are recorded as having fishing as their main activity at the club.

Most fishing members own their own boats, and these are either moored on Parks Victoria moorings near the clubhouse, or are on our approved Ramp Access list. The club currently has 37 members who have access to the boat ramp to use their power boats. This number will be increased by 2 members each year till we have 45 registered users. There is a waiting list for boat ramp access, and any potential new members or current members wishing to go on that list must email their request to secretary@williamstownsailingclub.org.au.

Ongoing use of the ramp by those on the Ramp Access List will be a requirement to maintain ramp access in the future. We are looking at bringing in an ‘if you don’t use it you may lose it’ system over the next year. The Committee of Management is conscious that we need to manage and control the number of boats on the ramp. This is to help us maintain a good relationship with our neighbours, encourage sensible behaviour around ramp use, and also to ensure that we are gaining members to our club who want to be involved, and not just join to get cheap ramp access.

Our fishing members vary from those who go it alone and keep their secret fishing spots to themselves, through to social groups who go out in several boats together to share the enjoyment of the activity.  The club is aiming to increase the social activities and inter club and intra club competitions for the fishing members. Please approach any of the committee members if you would be keen to assist with any such activity.

Often fishing members are not around the club at the same time as the sailing members. This can lead to a poor communications and lack of relationships between these groups. The Committee of Management would like to encourage our fishing members to get more involved with activities around the club. Whether it be coming and joining in the after race BBQs on Saturdays about 4.30pm, joining in some of the social functions like the Christmas party, trivia nights, Friday night bar nights, and of course the most important is to help out at working bees. So watch the notices around the club, read your e-newsletters and make the effort.