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Duty rosters

  • Aug 15 / 2017

Duty rosters

photo of WSC from the air

Williamstown Sailing Club is a community club and can only operate successfully with the help and assistance of members. Our exciting race days and functions can only happen when lots of people lend a hand. For the sailing season we will have various rosters for sailing members to help with club operations on Saturdays. It is important we share the load around all club members. This will include Officer of the Day, After Race BBQ and After Race Bar rosters.

So if you are placed on a roster to help around club activities, please make sure you do your bit and turn up and enjoy the experience.

After-race BBQ roster

For the after race BBQ on Saturdays we need for two sailing members to cook the BBQ. Helpers in the canteen will do the food preparation, you just have to manage the set up, cooking, serving and cleaning up. This will be from about 4.30 pm to about 6 pm. Make sure you check the roster and if you aren’t available, you need to swap with someone else.

A copy of the BBQ roster will also be up on notice boards at the club.

Sailing day rosters

If you are rostered as OOD and Duty crew you need to be at the club by 10.30 to set up the club for the days racing. OODs do not race on the day they are on duty- they are expected to control things from the start boat. Duty crew’s can come prepared to sail, but you can only compete in the race if there are sufficient other people to man the start boat and the two rescue boats and the tower.

Many people are spooked about doing an Officer of the Day or Duty crew roster – don’t be. You will be surprised how much support you get, and also how much you learn. All of a sudden the start sequences may make sense to you and you won’t be so critical of the race starters next time. So don’t stand back- get in and learn and improve your knowledge.

It is up to individuals to check when they are on rosters and contact the people they are to be working with. Phone numbers for the rosters are on notice boards at the club and rosters will be handed out the first few weekends. If you cannot make your designated day- it is up to you to swap with someone else. There are some emergency back ups listed on the rosters.

Overview of duties on race day

To assist with the running of the club on race days, club members are rostered for duty as Officer of the Day (OOD) or as Duty Crew. The Duty Crew works at the direction of the OOD. A duty roster is displayed in the handbook, or on the main notice-board, and on the course briefing board one week in advance.

The OOD is the officer in charge of scheduled racing activities on race days. The OOD has the full authority and support of the Sailing Committee to carry out the necessary duties. OOD duties are covered in the attached document: