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Duty rosters

  • Aug 15 / 2017

Duty rosters

photo of WSC from the air

Williamstown Sailing Club is a community club and can only operate successfully with the help and assistance of members. Our race days and functions can only happen when lots of people lend a hand. For the sailing season we will have various rosters for sailing members to help with club operations on Saturdays. It is important we share the load around all club members. This will include Officer of the Day, After Race BBQ and After Race Bar rosters.  So if you are placed on a roster to help around club activities, please make sure you do your bit and turn up and enjoy the experience.

Officer of the Day and Duty Crew Roster

To assist with the running of the club on race days, club members are rostered for duty as Officer of the Day (OOD) or as Duty Crew. The Duty Crew works at the direction of the OOD.

Please see the roster below to find out when you are on duty as Officer of the Day or Duty cCew.   The OOD will be sent a reminder by the Vice Commodore in the week before their duty, together with a list of documents they will need on the day.  You will be able to view these documents online and a printed copy of them will be available for you to collect on the day from the Scorer’s desk in the Briefing Room.

It is up to you to check when you are on duty and to contact the people you will be working with to ensure everyoneis aware of their roles.  If you cannot make your designated duty it is up to you to organise a substitute.  You should contact the Vice Commodore with any queries well beforehand.

If you are rostered as OOD or Duty Crew you need to be at the club by 10.00 to set up the club for the day’s racing.

OOD and Duty Crew Roster

18-Jan Smallwood, Mark  Forster, Steven
25-Jan  Stojkovich, Eddie  Nicholls, Lyn social
1-Feb  Vockler, Douglas  Ravenscroft, Ian
15-Feb  Lawrence, Michael  Morton, Ruth
22-Feb  Langworthy, Bryan  Giuliani, George
29-Feb  Gevers, Stefan  Raymond, Leon
14-Mar  Davison, Gary  Charlesworth, Glenn
28-Mar  Gardner, Gayle  Graham, Andrew


After-race BBQ roster

For the after race BBQ on Saturdays we need for two sailing members to cook the BBQ.  Helpers in the canteen will do the food preparation: you must set up, cooking, serving and cleaning up. This will be from about 4.30 pm to about 6 pm. Make sure you check the roster and if you aren’t available, you need to swap with someone else.

The BBQ roster will be posted soon

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