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  • May 28 / 2020
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Membership Fees For 2020-21 Financial Year

Membership fees

On Wednesday 13th May a meeting was held in accordance with the Club’s Rules.

The Committee of Management recommended to not increase membership fees for the upcoming Financial year and this was approved. This recommendation was made in recognition of and to minimise any adverse financial impact of Corona virus on our members.

The CoM will adjust its operational spending to accommodate this decision, whilst not limiting the normal functioning of the Club and to ensure members are able to enjoy the facilities throughout year.

Click here to see the schedule of fees for the 2020-2021 financial year.

  • May 28 / 2020
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Call for nominations

Committee of Management 2020-21

Join the Committee of Management (CoM) to help shape the Club’s future.
The Committee of Management (CoM) is critical for the ongoing future of the Club. It is responsible for managing the Club’s day-to-day operations including its finances, resources, facilities, sailing and fishing activities, events, marketing, membership engagement and for ensuring it complies with its governance requirements as a registered association. I shall renominate as Commodore, unless someone wishes to nominate, but we certainly need a Treasurer, so we need assistance in this critical area.
Nominations are now open for the CoM for the 2020-21 sailing season, and nominations are sought for the following positions on the Committee:
  • Commodore
  • Vice Commodore
  • Rear Commodore
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Captain
  • Five Ordinary Members
Term of office
Each member of the CoM will hold office from the conclusion of the 2020 AGM until the conclusion of the 2021 AGM.
How to nominate
Complete the nomination form that can be found here or at the WSC office and return to the Secretary of the Club by noon on Saturday 20th June 2019.
How is the CoM elected?
At the Club’s Annual General Meeting which would normally be on Sunday 26th July 2020, or a date to be advised after COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted. If only one nomination is received for a Flag Officer position that person will be deemed elected at the AGM. If only five nominations are received for Ordinary Members then they will be deemed elected at the AGM. If more than one nomination is received for a Flag Officer position or more than five nominations are received for Ordinary Members then a ballot will be held at the AGM.
How often does the CoM meet?
The CoM meets on the second Wednesday of each month at the Club rooms at 7.30pm.
What are the duties of the CoM and Flag Officers?
Refer to the Club’s Rules.
If you are interested in nominating or require further information please contact Brian Fentiman at: commodore@williamstownsailingclub.org.au
  • May 13 / 2020
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Exercise and Outdoor Recreation under COVID-19 Restrictions

Important Update from the Commodore – 12 May 2020

Dear Members

The Clubhouse remains closed to all members and visitors until further notice.

The following exercise and recreational boating is permitted based on the conditions listed underneath:

  •  Recreational fishing and boating
  •  Non-competitive OTB sailing of single handed boats.
  •  Non-competitive two handed and trailable sailing with family members is permitted.
  • Single handed kayaking and stand up paddle boarding has been allowed since 21 April 2020.

On 11 May 2020, the Victorian Government made an announcement regarding the COVID-19 restrictions in Victoria being eased from midnight on Tuesday 12 May 2020. This announcement affects our Club. The Club has also received a letter from Australian Sailing providing guidance on what this means for all Sailing Clubs.


Under the new directions listed above, limited outdoor recreational boating is now permissible provided you:

  • Maintain at least 1.5m apart from other people.
  • Have no more than 10 persons gathered together at one time.
  • Do not share any sporting equipment.

Additional relevant information:

  • If you feel unwell, stay at home.
  • Access to the slipway, rigging deck and boat storage must be via the boat ramp gates, not through the Clubhouse building.
  • The changing rooms, showers, toilets or any other facilities within the Clubhouse cannot be used.
  • Arrive dressed for the activity and change at home (‘get in get out’).
  • Participants are encouraged to have a flu shot.
  • Access will be at your own risk and must adhere to all Victorian Government restrictions relating to the coronavirus.

Security and facility checks will continue at the Clubhouse by a member of the CoM, and any essential building maintenance will be undertaken.

If you require urgent access to the Clubhouse, permission must be sought from the CoM. To help you facilitate this, please liaise with either the Michael Virant (acting Rear Commodore) or myself (contact details below).

Thank you for your continued understanding and cooperation during this period and stay safe and well.
Warm regards

Brian Fentiman, Commodore
CoM Contacts:
Rear Commodore, Michael Virant

  • Apr 26 / 2020
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FREE virtual Race Officer seminars

Australian Sailing FREE Race Officer online seminars

The Club RO seminar is aimed at educating Australian Sailing members in the basics to conduct consistent, fair and safe club racing. It is suitable for:

  • People who have a keen interest in sailing and want to participate in another facet of the sport
  • Those who may be interested in becoming involved in race management or would like to further their skill set whilst formalising their accreditation
  • Parents who have limited experience within sailing but want to contribute to the sport
  • Volunteers at yacht clubs
  • Sailors who no longer actively participate in the sport.
  • Sailors looking to kill some spare time during the current climate

Content covered includes race management equipment, safety operations, weather considerations, course setting (windward-leeward, trapezoid, triangle, gates, off-set marks etc.), course considerations, starting (flags, setting start line, standard starting system, signals, penalties), race control (abandon, mark change, shortening course), finishes (setting finish line, recording finish), post-race tasks (results, protest time), GPS use.

The course will be run on the following dates.



  • Dec 21 / 2019
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New Year’s Eve at the Club


The Club will be open to members and their guests on New Year’s Eve.

The same guidelines apply this year as previous years in order to provide a safe and comfortable environment for all members that would like to enjoy the last night of the year at the Club whilst also ensuring compliance with our liquor licensing requirements. Please note the following:

  • The total number of members and guests will be limited to 150
  • Free entry for members
  • Limited access or refusal may apply for non-members, i.e. due to capacity requirements
  • A visitor fee of $10 per adult non-member shall apply – please pay at the bar
  • Members and guests must arrive together
  • Guests are to sign the visitor book
  • Members are to stay with their guest/s at all times
  • BYO alcohol is not permitted – please support your club by purchasing from the bar
  • Please ensure that the front door is not left open

Many Thanks and Happy Christmas

Brian Fentiman


  • Nov 25 / 2019
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Christmas Party

Club Xmas Party Saturday 14th December

Come one and all to the annual Xmas party at Williamstown Sailing Club on Saturday 14 December, 7pm start.

Tickets Prices: Adults $30, Family $70 and individual child $10.

Dinner will be a Gourmet BBQ, salads, baked potatoes and desert.  Feel free to bring your own pre-dinner nibbles if you wish. NO BYO though drinks are available from the bar.

Tickets will be presold for the event – no last minute tickets on the day, so get in early, grab some friends, book a table or just an individual ticket and we will make sure you join with others to enjoy the night.

Don’t miss out – book and pay at the canteen on Saturdays. If you don’t come to the Club on Saturdays you can book by email to social@williamstownsailingclub.org.au and pay by direct debit into the Club bank account: BSB: 633-000, Account No: 149266439.  Please provide your family name and number of tickets with payment details in your email.

We are making this year’s event a bit of a fundraiser; A Xmas raffle for sure! We are also asking you to help in some way for the event– it might be set up the upstairs area on the Friday night (I know it’s Friday 13th but it will be appreciated), help put up the Xmas decorations, assist in the kitchen for a short period on Saturday, maybe help with food service on the night, or just help with collecting and stacking dishwashers etc. Getting members to lend a hand is a great way to mingle and get to know other members whilst keeping our costs down. It’s about us all doing a little.

Please contact Lois any time via to social@williamstownsailingclub.org.au or on her mobile if you want to help in any way with the event.

Come and enjoy the best location in Melbourne to enjoy a Xmas party with fellow members and our great city view.

  • Nov 25 / 2019
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Lipton Cup Success

Lipton Cup – WSC Hosting Success

The Lipton Cup was held on the weekend of Saturday 16 & Sunday 17 November 2019. It was fantastic that our Club could once again participate in jointly hosting the OTB division this year.

It was also fantastic that our sailors, not only participated, but won in their divisions. I wish to thank Graham Taylor for stepping up and running our efforts, along with Michael Lambiris as scorer and the fantastic support of the race rescue team. To our Club’s credit, we managed the racing for 66 boats over 6 races on the weekend. This will grow interest in sailing at our Club and develop all our race management skills, and mixed fleet sailing skills with other Clubs.


Series Results OTB Division 2 (Williamstown Sailing Club)

1st – Sabre #1987 – Seasomfin – Andrew Keil WSC

2nd – Sabre #131 – Cool Change – Tim Hart WSC

3rd – Hartley TS16 #441 – Phantom – Trevor Burke/Detlef Becker WSC

4th – Sabre #1908 – Akaula – Pamela Webster WSC

5th – Sabre #970 – Delusions of Grandeur – Olivier Davies WSC


Series Results OTB Division 3 (Port Melbourne Yacht Club)

1st – Impulse #689 – Sandfly – Leon Raymond WSC


Series Results Trailable Division H (Royal Yacht Club of Victoria)

1st – Explorer #115 – Swallow – Sue Burke WSC

  • Apr 28 / 2019
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Membership fees for 2019-20

Note from the Committee of Management:

Membership fees for 2019-20

The annual and regular fees and subscriptions were approved at the meeting on Wednesday 8 May, as follows:

Membership fees

  • Senior Member: $200 (ordinary), $325 (sailing), $125 (social)
  • Family Membership: $400 (ordinary), $650 (sailing), $250 (social)
  • Junior Member: $105 (ordinary), $155 (sailing)
  • Full time student Member (18-25):$105 (ordinary), $155 (sailing)
  • Pensioner: (existing only) $100
  • Membership Nomination fee: $100

Other fees

  • Boat registration:  $125 (OTB, T/Y), $85 (Junior), $155 (Ramp)
  • Boat storage: $125 (OTB, Junior)
  • Locker: $55
  • Kayak storage & registration: $80
  • Leased Club Boots: $30 (casual daily), $250 (season)
  • Mooring maintenance: cost + 20%

Brian Fentiman | Commodore