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  • May 12 / 2019
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We need you: Winter working bees 2019

working bees


Starting Saturday 1st June at 9.30am.

We are hoping that all club members will participate in this year’s working bees. There are all sorts of jobs to be done, some big and many quite small, but nevertheless important.

We have prepared a list of all the tasks that need to be done, with a description of the steps involved. This should make it easy for you to see which task you might be able to take charge of, or help with. There are plenty of things to do for members who don’t have special skills, so have a look at the list and see what things you would best like to be involved in.

The list of tasks will shortly be on the Working Bee Planning Winter 2019. There will also be a printed copy of the lists on the notice board in the briefing area of the club house.

It will help greatly with planning if you would please email the Rear Commodore to let him know which task you would like to take charge of or help with. In particular we need a helping hand with supervising the Deck replacement project during June, so please contact Jason. He will then add your name to the spreadsheet, and we will be able to see who is doing what, arrange the supplies you need in good time, etc. The email address is: rear.commodore@williamstownsailingclub.org.au

We hope that, with things organised in this way, you will be able to help the club maintain its premises for the next year, while at the same time not being unduly burdened every Saturday.

I look forward to hearing from you all.

Ian Whelan, Rear Commodore

Jason Whyte, Captain




  • Apr 28 / 2018
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New procedure: safely launch and retrieve the club’s RHIBs


Read all about how to safely launch and retrieve the club’s Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats (RHIBs).

The document has been put together by Bruce Mansfield, and is to ensure the personal safety of those directly engaged with launch/retrieval as well as bystanders during activities involving movement of vehicles, and avoid damage to the RHIBs.

It’s on our Rules and policies page.




  • Aug 24 / 2016
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Winter working bees and sailing committee update

Once again a big thank-you to all those who have participated in the Saturday working bees. Week by week the clubhouse is looking fresher both inside and out as more and more paint goes on.

Some of our more significant projects, like the repair of the upper deck and the construction of the barriers under the Northern pier are well underway. Replacement of weatherboards on the front and sides of the clubhouse will begin in the near future.

The following working bee tasks are in progress or completed:

  • Club house – dusting of surfaces and wall, cleaning of carpet and painting
  • Upper kitchen – fit locks to cupboards, investigate source of water leak above range hood
  • Bar – painting, new racking in cupboards for glass storage, cleaning behind refrigerators
  • Change rooms/toilets – non-slip matting cleaned, shower dividers and doors painted, replace covers on lighting, cleaned floor and fans, install new hand driers
  • Race locker – refurbished shelving and painting
  • James Pearl trailer refurbished ready for the black pearls
  • Deck and piers – improvement to fishing table and cleaning sink, replace any aging deck boards
  • Plumbing – replaced all tap washers, investigate replacing of old hot water units
  • Electrical – test and tag equipment checks, scope CCTV project
  • Lighting – change over remainder of flouros to led style tubes
  • Slips and dinghies – clean and paint (northern dingy), fit sacrificial skids to fiberglass dinghies, winch pit cleaned and flexible cover over cable fitted

The Sailing Committee also been very busy with working bee actives and here is an update to their progress:

  • Purchase of a new trailer for Willy 1 has been approved by CoM
  • Willy 3 (blue RiB) will be fitted with a T-Top – similar to that on Willy 2
  • Pontoon fenders have arrived and will be fitted shortly
  • Training plans are being developed
  • Sailing calendar being finalised
  • Successful TACKERS working bee
  • TACKERS and youth development strategy initiated

With tides and weather limiting what we can achieve on Saturdays, we will take the opportunity to knock off some of the remaining tasks on weekdays. If you are available to put in a few hours during the week please contact Hans Schepers (Rear Commodore) on 0412 241 980.

  • Aug 02 / 2016
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TACKERS families working bee

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Calling all TACKERS kids and their families.

You are all invited to come to the club for a special TACKERS working bee on Saturday 6 August.

We will be working indoors, so it will be running no matter what the weather. There will be a variety of jobs for kids and parents to help with; Opti boats will need cleaning, life jackets to be cleaned and washed and other sundry tasks. We will also need helpers to cook the BBQ lunch. So come on down anytime from 10am, lunch will be 12.30.

For safety reasons, we have to place a minimum age of 7 of any children in attendance and all children will need to be supervised by a parent, or other adult.

Lois, with the assistance of TACKERS instructors, will be running a short meeting with parents around lunchtime to discuss what the families are looking for in our TACKERS program moving forwards and how to plan for that- both formal courses and TACKERS Fleet activities.

Wear your old warm clothes in case there are messy jobs to do!