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Working bees

  • Apr 09 / 2018

Working bees

Winter working bees

We spend the winter months working on the club every Saturday morning between 9 am and 12 mid-day.

To make participation by members easier, we have prepared lists of the various jobs that need to be done this year.

Please will you look through the lists (below) and find a task that you have the skills to either manage or help with:

Then please email the Rear Commodore and tell him which list and job you are volunteering to manage or help with.  Your name will then be added to the list.  In this way we can all undertake a fair share of the work.

By helping to do a task, you are making an important contribution to the club.  There is also time for a cuppa mid-morning, and then we provide lunch.  Come along, meet some fellow members and help the club.

Michael Lambiris
Rear Commodore