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Racing documents

  • Sep 18 / 2017

Racing documents


2017-18 season of racing

The Notice of Race (NOR) now contains the Event Application and Entry Declaration Form (formerly the season entry form).

Safety regulations documentation

The documents below are to be used in conjunction with the Australia Sailing Special Regulations 2017- 2021 for Category 6 events, which are defined (in 2.01.7) as ‘Short races close to the shoreline in protected waters, in daylight hours only and with effective rescue availability’.

Owners (or their representatives) should work through these checklists and the Regulations themselves to ensure their boat is fully compliant. Once you are satisfied that everything is compliant you should;

  1. sign and date this checklist and keep it on file, and;
  2. then complete and sign the applicable Safety Declaration Form and upload it via TES to complete your season entry.

General racing documents

Protest and result inquiry forms

Below are the forms required to either lodge a protest or make an inquiry on race results:

Racing signals

Below is the Race Signals as extracted from the Australian Sailing – Racing Rules of Sailing: