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Information for visiting sailors

  • Apr 24 / 2018

Information for visiting sailors

We welcome visiting sailors to join in our Saturday races, whether you are have an OTB or trailable boat. Make yourself known to members and they can assist you. Our race briefing occurs generally at 1pm inside the clubhouse. There is a canteen for lunches, change rooms and hot showers, and valuables can be secured safely in the canteen while you race. The fee for visiting boats is $15. There is a visitor’s sign-on sheet for racing and you should make yourself known to the Officer of the Day, you will need to fill out some personal details for our safety obligations. After races we always have a BBQ on the upstairs deck, with the bar open for refreshments. Please come and join us.


All day parking is available along the Strand. Please park on the Yarra river side of The Strand if you have a trailer. The club now has a grassed parking area between the toilet block and boat ramp, where trailers can be parked after unhitching from cars. No cars can be parked on or near the grassed area. We have a commitment to local residents regarding no parking on the west side of The Strand with trailers: we don’t do it!

Rigging of yachts

Rigging of yachts is either done on the river side of the Strand or in the grassed rigging area between the toilet block and boat ramp. If you are rigging on the Strand do it on the river side only and always look up for power lines and live. Rigging of OTB boats is done on our extensive decking area- and your car trailer can be left on the grassed area outside the gates

If you park your trailer and rig it on the grassed area, qualified club members will assist you by using our 4WD to launch your boat down the ramp. Just ask members for some assistance.

If you are unsure as to how to go about launching your boat, please ask a club member for assistance. Remember:

  • never drive off from the club with your mast raised
  • don’t be pressured into leaving the ramp before completing your safety checks
  • be sure you boat/yacht is secure and safe before moving to a parking area.

For more information on boating safety and regulations please visit the following web sites:

Smoking is not permitted inside the club house for health and safety reasons.

Launching of trailables

  1. On arrival, rig your boat along The Strand or on the grassed area, and wait until the ramp is free.
  2. Launch as quickly as possible.
  3. Make sure your mooring lines are secured to your yacht.
  4. Secure your yacht to the jetty.
  5. Park trailer on grass area or drive to a car park.
  6. Manoeuvre your yacht to one of the jetties and secure to a bollard.
  7. Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance. There is usually someone around who will be willing to help.

Retrieval of trailables

  1. De-mast on water if possible, queue with trailer and retrieve as quickly as possible after de-masting.
  2. When your boat is safe and secure on your trailer move off the ramp.
  3. Please keep club area free for other boats to move about.


  • Rescue boats have right of way on boat ramp at the end of the race.
  • Don’t de-rig near the ramp.
  • Don’t obstruct ramp.
  • Don’t obstruct the floating ramps used by the OTB boats.
  • Don’t obstruct parked cars and private drive ways.
  • Power lines are deadly. ‘Look up and live’ when raising or lowering your mast.

Sailing rules

For more information regarding sailing rules please visit our Sailing Information page.