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  • Oct 09 / 2015
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Opening Day of the sailing season – Sat 10 Oct

To all WSC Club members – you are all warmly invited to join in the Opening Day of the sailing season at the club this Saturday. Whether you are an active sailor, fishing member or social member, please come along and celebrate the start of a new season.

The day is also a way to say thank you to all the club members who helped at the working bees this winter – there has been a wide variety of big and small jobs undertaken and the club is looking great as a result of all the effort put in.

Come and see the new Ozi Opti training boats hit the water for the first time in the sail past. Official activities start at 1pm, sail past at 1.30pm, social race about 2pm and then there will be a free afternoon BBQ at about 4pm.

The canteen will be open for lunches in the morning and the bar open for drinks in the afternoon.

  • May 11 / 2015
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Hartley TS16 Victorian State Titles – April 2015

We set off for TS 16 Victorian State Titles at Portarlington with the weekend’s dismal forecast dulling the mood. All week long we had been told we were in for a shocker. As a result, only seven boats turn up that morning, and that number quickly shrunk to six as Joe Dorrington  (“Up in Arms”) went home to battle the flu.

At Portarlington the weather was actually far kinder than anticipated, in the main part and we set off to the start in pleasant, reasonably light conditions.

With one eye on Sunday’s terrible forecast and under the guidance of our excellent race officer Roger, we voted to try and sail three races back to back on the Saturday instead of the two planned. If we could get three races done then at least we had a championship.

The six boats competing were:

  • Hissing Sid (Peter Behrendt and Peter Yeates)
  • Phantom (Trevor Burke and Detlef Becker)
  • Seabiscuit (Brian Langworthy and crew)
  • Tru- Blu (Michael Horvath and Anthony Berger)
  • Whispering (Alan O’Brien and Sue Burke)
  • Wild One (Peter Mullinger and David)

The three races were highly contested. Each had a different winner and all boats finished within a few minutes of each other for every race.

Whispering and Tru-Blu had an altercation at the top mark in race one, a discussion about buoy room ensued and boats slipped past. Wild One kept ahead of all. Whispering was in fourth position approaching the finish but a timely wind shift knocked the first three boats below the line. Whilst they tacked, Whispering slid through into second place and finished 12 seconds behind Wild One. Tru-Blu came in third with Hissing Sid just a forestay behind.

Race two saw some further differences of opinion out on the water and Hissing Sid appeared to have it in the bag. With just a covering tack on top of Whispering to reach the finish line, Hissing Sid blithely sailed PAST the line. Despite his crew saying to him at the time “we’d better make this a really good tack”, he thought he had another lap to go. Whispering won by 5 seconds from Wild One and Tru-Blu was third. Hissing Sid went down to fourth. His reaction when realisation hit reminded me of old times when I crewed for him, “F F F F F”, but in good humour.

In race three the wind was getting up and Mr Horvath in Tru-Blu decided to remind us what he is capable of. I think his crew’s previous remarks of him appearing “somewhat rusty” galvanised him into action. Phantom had also come into her own this race until her jib caught around the winching eye on the bow. The race officer was carefully watching the radar and saw some nasty weather rapidly approaching; he deftly shortened the course in an extremely competent manner. He was the only race boat out on the water with one crew but he managed it impressively. Tru-Blu took line honours by more than one minute from Whispering in second and Hissing Sid third.

Back on land an enjoyable evening was had with great food and company.

Sunday the weather was still blown-out and the decision was made to abandon the day’s sailing. The overall results were:

  • First: Whispering
  • Second: Tru-Blu
  • Third: Wild One

Thanks to Bryan Langworthy for his great efforts in race organisation, Roger on the rescue boat and to Sue O’Brien supporting us in some trying conditions.

  • Mar 13 / 2015
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Pacer State Championships – results

The Pacer & Pacer Pursuit Victoria State Championships 2015 were held at Williamstown Sailing Club from Saturday 7 to Monday 9 March 2105.

The championships were organised by Pacer Victoria in conjunction with Williamstown Sailing Club.


The results are available on the Pacer Sailing website.

Notice of race and entry form

Notice of Race with entry form – available here.

More information

For further information, please contact Pacer Victoria Email: pacervictoria@pacersailing.org.au, or see the Pacer Sailing website www.pacersailing.org.au

Pacer Championships at Williamstown Sailing Club pacer-champs-2015_2 pacer-champs-2015_3 pacer-champs-2015_4 pacer-champs-2015_5 pacer-champs-2015_7 pacer-champs-2015_8 pacer-champs-2015_9 pacer-champs-2015_10 pacer-champs-2015_11 pacer-champs-2015_12 pacer-champs-2015_13

  • Feb 16 / 2015
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The club from above

Look at the club in these fantastic aerial photos supplied by long term club member George Giuliani.

photo of WSC from the air

Photo of WSC from the air

photo of WSC from the air

Photo of WSC from the air showing the Westgate Bridge in the background

  • Jan 18 / 2015
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Vale Dave McKeogh

WSC Commodore 2000-2004

Sadly, former Commodore Dave McKeogh passed away on 27 November 2014 after fighting a long term illness over many years. It is understood that Dave joined the club sometime in the 1980s following the disbanding of the Werribee Yacht Club, where he had been Acting Commodore.

In his early professional years Dave served as a Navigation Officer with the Royal Australian Air Force. For many years he excelled in lecturing in this complex subject, and ended up building a training business around his navigations skills and knowledge. After some short time as a Committee member at WSC, Dave conducted a series of navigation courses weekly on a regular basis and later organised radio operator courses. This was a forerunner for all radio operators to be qualified in this field. Dave was then co-opted by Yachting Victoria to organise courses for Power Boat Drivers and Rescue Boat endorsements. Many WSC members took advantage of his expertise in this area. It was always a sight to behold when he demonstrated the firing of emergency flares during these training sessions.

Dave competed in many ocean racing events, mainly as a navigator. This included the Sydney-Hobart and the Melbourne to Hobart races where he gained success in these blue water events sailing on ‘Fiji Express’. He sailed for many seasons at WSC in his Castle 550 yacht ‘White Knight’. Despite all his years of competitive sailing, he was a very gentle competitor and seemed to enjoy sailing just by being out on the water. Dave was a dedicated member and a thorough gentleman and he will be sadly missed.

Bill Pride

  • Nov 12 / 2014
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Lipton Cup Regatta 2014

On Saturday 15 November, many club members participated in different races and divisions for the Lipton Cup Regatta. This was a joint hosted Regatta between Royals, Port Melbourne and Williamstown Sailing Clubs. Several of our club members were very successful, achieving excellent results in various divisions.

A total of 17 competitors entered in the Keelboat – Trailable and Sport Boats Division D hosted at RYCV, and 50 competitors sailed at WSC and 19 at PMYC (multihull and laser classes).

WSC races were set off in four divisions based on Yachting Victoria handicap:

  • Division 1 YV yardstick 130+  – the fleet was largely made up of Minnow, Cadet (International), Mirror & Optimist classes.
  • Division 2 YV yardstick  119 – 129.5 – 125, Hartley TS16, Sabre, Pacer,
  • Division 3 YV yardstick 100 – 118.5 – 420, Jollyboat, Flying Dutchman, Taser, Nationla E & Impulse classes.
  • Division 4  YV yardstick below 99.5 – 29er, 49er, 505, B14, Javelin & Musto Skiff classes.

Trailable results

Five WSC boats competed in the Trailables races with skipper Peter Wright Sail no 121 in FIZ IV taking out third place based on CBH.

See the official results online at TopYacht.

OTB results (WSC)

Place, Sail no, Boats Name, Class, Skipper/Crew, Series Score – Total (Race 3/Race 2/Race 1)

Division 2

1. 2155 Banana Split, Pacer, Greg Parsons/Hayden, 4 (1/2/1)
2. 1987 Seasomfin, Sabre, Andrew Keil, 5 (2/1/2)
3. 2667 JASS, Pacer, Allan O’Brien/Trent Meddings, 13 (5/5/3)

Division 3

3. 105 Casimir L’ Dem, Impulse, Stefan Gevers, 9 (3/5/1)


A big thank you to the following volunteers:
  • WSC Race Control Tower: Noel Craven, Dawn Beattie & Robyn Ho-Sans
  • Course Boat/Rescue – Willy 1: Stephen Meddings & Graham Knight
  • Rescue & Pin - Blue RIB – Willy 2: Nick Olliff & Con Bourakis
  • Rescue – Red RIB – Willy 3: Michael Attard & Rod Assafiri
  • Committee Boat (Jack Cox)
    • Race Officer / Time keeper: Simon van den Berg
    • Course board: Jim Rees
    • Line sighter and signal (horn): Warren Grosvenor
  • Canteen: Lois Hunt and Margaret Morrissey



  • Aug 08 / 2014
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Jack Moloney – Life Member

It was with great pleasure that on behalf of the Committee of Management at our Annual General Meeting on the 27 July that I appointed Jack Moloney as a Life Member of the Williamstown Sailing Club.

Jack’s involvement at the club spans approximately 30 years, having first become involved through doing our Learn to Sail program with his adult daughter back in the mid 1990s. After a first season sailing in a Mirror with his daughter, Jack quickly progressed to crewing on trailables, which he continued to do over the next 25+ years. Apart from sailing in the Saturday competitions, Jack was a regular participant at various regattas and competitions around the state. Over the years he crewed for many seasons with Andrew Burbidge on Swallow as well as sailing with Russell Bates and many other trailable sailors across a variety of boats.

Apart from his sailing activities, Jack has worked tirelessly at working bees for all those 30 years. He has been one of our highly competent in-house ‘consultant engineers’, fixing everything from tractors and machinery, to also being an integral member of the team with Darryl Janes and Jim Saunders on developing the opening ‘drawbridge’. He is still the go-to man about the difficult mechanical and engineering questions, and can still be seen tinkering around things that may be broken or not running smoothly at the Club.

When Jack decided to stop competitive racing he still came to the club on race days and was a regular driver and crew on the Jack Cox assisting the starting team for a number of years.  Jack has also been a wonderful mentor and friend to many members across the club of all ages, sharing his knowledge and personable manner with all. So congratulations to Jack, we are so appreciative and indebted to you for your long and faithful service to the club, and we expect to continue to see you around the club on working bees and sailing days – but you are allowed to take a less physical role these days and in particular keep a safety eye on us from the tower.

Lois Hunt | Commodore